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I've never heard this version of Someone Else . . . but I like it.


Say it with strings

I never get tired of listening to Vivaldi.



Even though we may think we know when life is done with us, it is only in those final moments that we can be certain. And what that certainty reveals, none can say.


There are no words . . .



So work today wasn't as bad as it could have been. I was mostly right about several deploys having issues on DEV that appeared to work on developer systems. Some of those were cleared up right away, but one in particular caused me to work almost an hour after quitting time and then consumed some more of my time remotely after I got home.

Tomorrow the DEV system is supposed to push to QA for testing, but we don't have hardware for some of the QA machines yet . . . . wonder how that's going to work out. I'm also expecting some conversion builds to come through.

I'm really tired of my line of work and would love to do something different. Unfortunately, there's little chance now for change, unless I do something drastic. My job makes me wish I was terminally ill . . . .



I just wanted an excuse to use this new icon - cockroaches partying to a nuclear blast.


Dial up your favorite movie

Stolen from Geekend - someone made a Stargate Home Theater System

Wear Science

Makes some great T-Shirts - some of my favorite images here. I made several of the images into LJ icons as well.